WATCH: Behind The Scenes Of Tenet & Its Insane Stunts

True to his reputation as the king of practical effects, the endlessly ambitious Christoper Nolan brought the visual heat for Tenet. There was scale, stylism, and an almost impossible sense of material authenticity. Naturally, a look behind the scenes of Tenet and its most memorable stunts only rivals the end product’s own insanity.

Prior to the film’s release, we had some idea about what was coming. Reports had indicated Nolan – like the giga-Chad director he is – crashed an actual Boeing 747 for a critical sequence. Something that I’d wager every other working filmmaker right now wouldn’t even dare dream of undertaking, and would instead resort to some Burbank sound stage decked out in green screens.

And while the whole concept of ‘inversion’ – the reversal of entropy/not-time-travel brand of time travel – made for a storytelling nightmare which bogged down the audience’s experience when it came to the matter of narrative, unsurprisingly, it made for some fascinating viewing. As you’ll soon discover, moments like the reverse fight scenes which you’d assume involved some sort of CGI shenanigans was achieved purely using elaborate choreography. Now that really is something else…

Witness what went down behind the scenes of Tenet in the 10-minute clip above.