Breaking Down The Church Fight Scene In ‘Kingsman’

Breaking Down The Church Fight Scene In ‘Kingsman’

The church fight scene in Kingsman: The Secret Service is hands down one of the most memorable action sequences in recent history. But there are actually layers to what makes it so great – layers beyond the primal gratification we collectively derive from seeing someone (rightfully) get the shit kicked out of them.

Don’t pretend like you don’t know what I’m talking about, I know for a fact we all had the same psychotic grin when those goddamn hippies got [SPOILERS] stomped and flamethrowered at the end of Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.

Film YouTuber, Aaron Field, breaks down what exactly makes those few minutes of long-take carnage in Kingsman so great. As well as what makes a fight scene tick in general. Without spoiling too much, a lot of it involves the soundtrack, editing, and camera movement (which you could say about any scene, really, but he explains it far better than I do).

The Kingsman related content train, however, doesn’t stop there. As Field follows up this insightful tidbit with yet another look at the church fight scene. This one focusing on approximately every hidden cut that was made in order to accomplish that continuous effect, with some that will surely surprise you given how miniscule they are in motion.

Check out both videos above.

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