— 1 December 2022

‘Cocaine Bear’, The Must-See Movie Of 2023, Has A Hilarious First Trailer

— 1 December 2022
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

Truth be told, up until the point, we were still 50/50 on whether Universal Pictures was playing an elaborate prank on all of us months after April Fool’s Day (or whether they were getting in nice and early for next year, depending on how you view things). But in light of the fact we’ve now received a Cocaine Bear trailer, we’re thrilled to report the must-see cinematic milestone of 2023 is very real.

For background, this forthcoming dark comedy directed by Elizabeth Banks (Pitch Perfect 2, Charlie’s Angels) is inspired by the true story of when a drug runner’s plane crashed circa 1985; which resulted in an ungodly amount of missing cocaine making its way into one American black bear’s stomach.

The bear, of course, would eventually conk out after ingesting over 40 plastic containers of Columbian marching powder, but for a brief moment before its ticker gave out, it was – without a single shred of doubt – the most dangerous apex predator freely roaming on Earth. Fun fact: anyone who finds themselves at the Kentucky Fun Mall can check out the taxidermized remains.

Cocaine Bear 2023

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Universal Picture’s screen adaptation of this wonderfully bizarre event follows an oddball group of cops, criminals, tourists, and teens converging upon a Georgia forest where the yipped-out 500-pound beast goes on a coke-fuelled rampage for more blow (and blood). As one character so aptly summarises what we’re in for in today’s preview: “What the fuck is wrong with that bear?”

“All of my films so far, mostly, are about underdogs, and no matter who you are, if you meet a bear who is high on cocaine, you are the underdog in that situation. And that presents an opportunity just for a lot of comedy and delight.” Elizabeth Banks recently told The Hollywood Reporter.

“I love horror, and I love gore, and I love horror-comedy, and I love Sam Raimi, and I love John Carpenter. This takes place in 1985, so I felt like this was a real opportunity to create an homage to some of those kinds of films, but to do something unique tonally because it is also a character piece.”

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Cocaine Bear, The Must-See Movie Of 2023, Has A Hilarious Trailer

Cocaine Bear features an all-star cast of Keri Russell as Colette Matthews, O’Shea Jackson Jr as Howard, the late great Ray Liotta as Dentwood, Alden Ehrenreich as Marty, alongside Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Kristofer Hivju, Margo Martindale, Christian Convery, Brooklyn Prince, Scott Seiss, Isiah Whitlock Jr, Shane Connellan, and Kahyun Kim.

The screenplay has been penned by Jimmy Warden, who you may be familiar with through The Babysitter: Killer Queen. Phil Lord & Chris Miller of 21 Jump Street fame have produced alongside Aditya Sood for their company Lord Miller, in addition to Banks herself and Max Handelman for Brownstone Productions, Brian Duffield, Robin Fisichella, plus Nikki Baida.

Cocaine Bear is scheduled for a February 23rd of 2023 release date here in Australia – check out the trailer above.

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