Jake Gyllenhaal To Star In War Film ‘Combat Control’

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Before he’s even had the chance to roll cameras on an Extraction sequel for Netflix, stunt extraordinaire turned director – Sam Hargrave – has already lined up his next big project with another Marvel Cinematic Universe alum: the upcoming war film Combat Control starring Jake Gyllenhaal.

Based on the true story of Air Force CCT John Chapman – who posthumously became the first airman since the Vietnam War + first combat controller ever to be awarded the Medal of Honour for his valiant efforts against Al-Qaeda forces in Afghanistan – the film’s very source material was only officially revealed by the US government in 2018, given how the US Air Force Combat Controllers are among the “most secretive” and “most dedicated” unit in the country’s entire military.

According to Deadline:

Following his death on March 14th of 2002, no one imagined it would take over a decade for the truth of what really happened on that snowy mountainside to emerge.

combat control Sam Hargrave Jake Gyllenhaal john chapman

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Fifteen years later, Air Force Captain Cora Alexander is tasked with the nearly impossible job of investigating whether Chapman is a worthy recipient of the medal, despite no eyewitnesses to his actions, and the top-secret world surrounding clandestine operations.

Alexander has to uncover the truth, and in revealing Chapman’s sacrifice to the world, she forges her own path to self-forgiveness and personal redemption.

Jake Gyllenhaal will, of course, be taking on the ever-challenging role of John Chapman in addition to executive producing. While no further casting details confirmed at this stage, the hunt for a fictitious Cora Alexander is very much active.

Michael Russell Gunn of The Newsroom, Designated Survivor, and Billions fame, has been tasked with adapting the New York Times bestselling book Alone At Dawn by Dan Schilling and Lori Chapman Longfritz into the film’s screenplay; the former, who was also a Combat Control Technician, will serve as a military consultant to the production.

MGM is currently in talks to acquire the release – stay tuned for more details.

combat control Sam Hargrave Jake Gyllenhaal john chapman