Kanye Asked Danny McBride To Play Kanye In ‘Ye Biopic

Kanye Asked Danny McBride To Play Kanye In ‘Ye Biopic

Danny McBride, AKA everyone’s favourite former baseballer ‘Kenny Powers’ from Eastbound & Down, made a visit to Jimmy Kimmel last week to share some stories about his move from LA to Charleston, South Carolina.  

After a few anecdotes about Bill Murray and hunting shark teeth, McBride revealed that he once fielded a random phone call from Kanye West. “He basically said that he was a fan of mine and wanted to come and hang out,” McBride told Kimmel. “I think he thought I lived in Los Angeles and then I was like, ‘No, I live in Charleston’ and he was quiet for a minute and he was like, ‘OK, I can go there too.’ It was once again one of those situations where I’m being set up with another dude and I’m getting nervous about, like, what does Kanye like to do? What should I wear when Kanye gets here?”

When Kanye arrived in South Carolina, he proposed that McBride play Kanye in a biopic, something McBride doesn’t completely rule out as a future project. Here’s hoping.

Check out the full story in the clip below, and enjoy another fascinating insight into the brain of Kanye West.

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