‘Sicario’ Director Denis Villeneuve Wants To Make A James Bond Movie
— Updated on 28 April 2023

‘Sicario’ Director Denis Villeneuve Wants To Make A James Bond Movie

— Updated on 28 April 2023
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

While the cinema-loving world was celebrating Daniel Craig’s farewell to the iconic mantle of 007 in No Time To Die – and speculating about his potential replacement; with Aaron Taylor-Johsnon reportedly being the current frontrunner – visionary director Denis Villeneuve revealed he’d be more than interested in helming a future James Bond franchise instalment.

The auteur behind Prisoners, Sicario, Blade Runner 2049, as well as the upcoming adaptation of Frank Herbert’s Dune tossed his proverbial hat into the equally proverbial ring during his interview on MTV’s Happy Sad Confused podcast; stating in the event he were to be approached by longtime producers / Bond mythology gatekeepers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson, “frankly… the answer would be a massive yes.”

“I would deeply love one day to make a James Bond movie,” said Denis Villeneuve.

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“It’s a character that I’ve been with since my childhood. I have massive affection for Bond. It would be a big challenge to try and reboot it after what Daniel did.”

“What Daniel Craig brought to Bond was so unique and strong and honestly unmatchable. He’s the ultimate James Bond. I can’t wait to see Cary’s movie. I’m very excited. I’m one of the biggest Bond fans.”

“Just thinking about it, I’m tired [laughs]. One thing at a time,” he added, in reference to the release of his sci-fi epic Dune featuring an all-star cast of Timothée Chalamet, Oscar Isaac, Rebecca Ferguson, Josh Brolin, Jason Momoa, Zendaya, and more.

“It’s really a massive privilege. I don’t want to say I’m very arrogant or pretentious right now. It’s true that it would be a dream to do 007.”

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“I don’t know if such a thing would happen, but it would be a privilege. That would be pure cinematic joy.”

The mere prospect of a 007 film in the style of Sicario – or indeed Prisoners – is enough to make our mouths water. In the first half of his career as a mainstream Hollywood director and household name, Denis Villeneuve demonstrated his remarkable ability to create slow-burn and tense thrillers rich with claustrophobic psychology; and punctuated by action sequences that served as temporary relief to said claustrophobia.

In the latter half, however, he proved it was possible to successfully apply the same principles of that detail-oriented filmmaking on larger-scale productions like Arrival, Blade Runner 2049, and of course, Dune (without compromising his unique vision).

Suffice it to say, more than a few parties would be keen to see this in living colour.

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