Dennis Quaid Officially Just Lost The Plot

Dennis Quaid Officially Just Lost The Plot

He’s an interesting one old Dennis Quaid; destined at one stage for possible greatness, now a poor man’s Harrison Ford at very best. Today, on the set of his only job in the last two years, Truth, which is being filmed at Fox Studios in Sydney, Quaid went on an expletive ridden tirade directed originally at somebody in the crew who was walking on set while Dennis was delivering a line before, he started giving it to seemingly everyone on set.

You can enjoy the video above yourself, but if you’re in the office and can’t have your volume on full, here are some of our favourite lines.

– until DOPEY the DICK starts whispering in your ear

– don’t fucking “DENNIS” me!

– this is the most unprofessional set I have ever been on


– I’ve got these fucking zombies over here that I have to look at

– a bunch of pussies STARING at me

– and this FUCKING baby

– BLOW ME! (door closes)

Come on Dennis, at least leave the baby out of it.

Update 15/04: Turns out the whole thing was a prank for Funny or Die. Watch the hilarious ‘full video’ below.