You Can Now Cop Event Cinemas Private Bookings For You & 19 Mates

Fire up the group chat and round up the fellas – Event Cinemas private bookings are now available nationally for just $500 until Monday, August 31st.

You and 19 of the boys can cop an entire theatre to yourselves for just $25 per person, but you’ll need to secure the reservation by Friday, August 14th at the very latest.

The offer is valid for original cinemas only (sorry lads, no Gold Class or VMAX this time around) and each booking includes unlimited medium-sized popcorn and medium-sized soft drinks.

Now, the million-dollar question you’re probably asking (and we’ve been discussing all morning in the BH office) – will Christopher Nolan’s Tenet be included in the new release lineup?

Announced just this week to be landing in cinemas on August 27th, theoretically, it should now be eligible for the promotion in question. We contacted Event Cinemas for confirmation (which, might we add, they don’t make very easy to do), and they’ve referred up the chain for a definitive answer.

But if you’re serious about it, we’d recommend jumping on it ASAP anyway to put the pressure on. If all else fails, you’ve also got the likes of Judd Apatow’s new comedy flick, The King of Staten Island and the Korean zombie thriller sequel, Peninsula.

To make all Event Cinemas private bookings, head to