The Godfather Of All Bosses: Marlon Brando

Before there was DiCaprio, Pacino, or De Niro, and Nicholson, or even Paul Newman, there was another man whose legacy still shines on today. Every great art form has its immortals, its icons that are larger than life, who become legends until their lives become that of myth. In acting interviews today there is still one man who is spoken about with the respect and admiration that is only earned through the sheer ability to wow even the best.

Marlon Brando is to actors what Michael Jordan is to basketballers. In acting, the ultimate compliment is to be compared to Marlon Brando. He had it all, charisma, charm, looks, talent, women, money, fame, and merit. Yet somehow he found happiness in none of it.

The films he made were iconic from the start, A Streetcar Named Desire (Oscar nominated),Julius Caesar (Oscar nominated), The Wild One, On The Waterfront (Oscar winner),The Godfather (Oscar winner), Last Tango In Paris (Oscar nominated),and Apocalypse Now.Yet despite winning (only) two Best Actor Oscars and being nominated eight times, Brando was at times considered box office poison and labelled difficult to work with

Brando’s life was synonymous with tragedy, excess, and rebellion. Raised by alcoholic parents, the boy who nobody cared for went on to become the man everyone wanted, laying claim to bedding stars such as Marilyn Monroe and many more. He was the sex symbol of a generation only to die of respiratory failure, broke, and morbidly obese.

Yet even today his greatest performances capture audiences and wow them at his incredible emotional intelligence and ability. Best known these days as Vito Corleone in The Godfather, Brando’s career began long before that. And now in an incredible documentary, the myth of the man considered the greatest of all time is brought to you in his own words.

Listen To Me Marlon uses hundreds of hours of audio recordings the great enigma made over the course of his life. The result is a powerful looking insight into one of the greatest yet misunderstood figures to grace the public sphere. Directed by Stevan Riley, the film brings Brando back to life to tell you his own story. Through the highs of Oscar wins to the lows of his son being charged of murder, never has an actor countlessly gone so deep into his own sorrow to bring the world such gifts.

The film this far has received rave reviews and currently has a rating of 8.1 on IMDB.