Hell’s Club Puts All Your Favourite Film Characters In One Epic Scene

Ladies and Gentlemen, I’ve got a way for you to spend 10 minutes of your life. Watch this amazing movie mashup.

The Editing masters from AMDS Films have constructed this absolute masterpiece of an edit, and like many masterpieces I have no idea how they did it.

The clip features some of the best characters in movie history together in “Hell’s Club”. The mashup takes characters from all sorts of different movies and tosses them together into one story. Want to see The Terminator kill a Stormtrooper? Tom Cruise in Cocktail meet Tom Cruise in Collateral? Al Pacino’s Scarface and Carlito engage in a stare-off? Watch Austin Powers (Mike Myers) attempt to seduce Sharon Stone from Basic Instinct? Robocop? Michael Jackson? DARTH VADER! Well all that and more is here folks.