WATCH: Henry Cavill Breaks Down That Insane One-Shot Fight Scene From ‘The Witcher’

Quickly skyrocketing to become “the largest TV series ever“, Netflix‘s investment in The Witcher has paid off in spades. For good reason, too. There’s immersive universe building, Henry Cavill at his peak… and of course, tightly choreographed action sequences.

One such action scene that caught the attention of many occurred in the debut episode – taking place in the heart of Blaviken pitting Cavill’s Geralt of Rivia against Renfri (otherwise known as Shrike in the novels) and her gang of rogues. The very fight that would earn Geralt the title “Butcher of Blaviken.” 

Cavill goes into detail about certain moments of cinematography that bottled the visual magic, the fictional abilities of Geralt and how that was communicated, the importance of keeping in rhythm with the choreography, as well as the fascinating use of “cut-off swords” and VFX to achieve some of the gorier executions. Cavill also delves into the psychology behind Geralt as a character, providing an extra layer of depth to what we see.

Netflix’s The Witcher is a serialised adaptation to Andrzej Sapkowski’s acclaimed fantasy novels and the subsequent best-selling video games. Helmed by veteran TV writer, Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, it also stars Anya Chalotra as Yennefer of Vengerberg and Freya Allan as Princess Ciri of Cintra.

The Witcher season two is scheduled for release sometime in 2021, with the production freshly underway.

Watch the full breakdown video above.

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