Jonah Hill Set To Play The Legendary John Daly In A Biopic
— 17 October 2022

Jonah Hill Set To Play The Legendary John Daly In A Biopic

— 17 October 2022
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

An exclusive report published by the film site Above The Line has revealed two-time Academy Award nominee, Jonah Hill, is on track to star in and produce an upcoming biopic about a two-time major champion who almost needs no introduction: John Daly.

“The biopic will examine the excesses, scandals, and athletic achievements of the PGA Tour golfer, who is considered by many to be the ‘Bad Boy of Golf,'” explains Jeff Sneider of Above The Line.

“A representative for Hill did not respond to multiple requests for comment over the past two days.”

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Australia’s very own Anthony Maras (Hotel Mumbai) is currently attached to direct the project which, as previously mentioned, Hill will produce via his Strong Baby Productions banner; alongside the team at Nashville-based Hideout Pictures, including partners Shannon Houchins and Potsy Ponciroli. The latter duo were behind last year’s acclaimed western Old Henry starring Tim Blake Nelson.

Sneider adds: “As it turns out, the team at Hideout had a prior relationship with Daly, and when they mentioned it to their agents at Verve, the agency thought it would be a good fit for Maras, who is friendly with Hill. The filmmakers are now seeking a writer to tackle the script.”

Jonah Hill Set To Play The Legendary John Daly In Biopic

“Matt Dines will oversee the John Daly biopic on behalf of Strong Baby, and a studio is already said to be in negotiations for the project.”

While a screenplay has yet to be churned out, those who are familiar with John Daly lore will have a general sense of what’s going to be covered, from that time serial streaker Mark Roberts caused a fiasco at St Andrews immediately after Daly claimed the British Open in 1995, potentially more recent events (i.e. finally inking a partnership deal with Hooters), to his inhuman diet that would’ve surely killed a lesser being…

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Jonah Hill Set To Play The Legendary John Daly In Biopic
  • 3-4 trips to McDonald’s (“I used to be able to eat two Big Macs, two or three cheeseburgers, chocolate shake, regular Coke back then in a sitting pretty easily.”)
  • Burger King
  • Taco Bell
  • 4-6 packs of M&Ms (“Peanut M&Ms… loved ’em.”)
  • “Multiple” packs of chocolate muffins
  • Chocolate ice cream
  • 12-20 Diet Cokes
  • Over 40 cigarettes (“Two packs… two and a half packs a day.”)
  • No water (“I don’t drink water… I hate water. I cannot stand to drink water.”)

In fact, the man/myth/legend calculated that at the height of his sickening consumption levels, the annual cigarette tally amounted to a staggering 18,000, washed down by 515 gallons (close to 2,000 litres) of Diet Coke, and almost zero regular water. So it’s safe to assume the talented Mr Hill won’t just be growing a blonde mullet for this role.

Stay tuned for updates on the John Daly biopic starring Jonah Hill.

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