Is ‘Love’ The Most Pornographic Theatrical Release Of All Time?

Is ‘Love’ The Most Pornographic Theatrical Release Of All Time?

Love plays out with the vitriolic force of semen after angry sex.

Woah, how’s that for opening? Well let’s see, hands up who has seen a huge penis on screen? Given the age we live in, probably majority of you.

How about then, hands up then who has seen one on a cinema screen? Slightly less, alarming still a few, but okay. Hands up who has seen one on the big screen in 3D at a film festival? Probably less. Yet somehow between the POV from inside and the countless sex acts, Love manages to balance tender with ferocity while pushing the boundaries without gratuity. Quite frankly, we haven’t seen anything like it.

Depending on how open your mind is, Love is either a cinematic ode to the purest intimacy of relationships and sexual pleasure or a deeper (pardon the pun) than your average porn film.

Gaspar Noe is never one to shy away from the controversial. His most well known film, Irreversible, is perhaps more infamous than famous for its graphic rape scene involving Italian beauty Monica Bellucci.

Every generation seems to have its seminal ‘sex’ film. Some go on to be pillars of cinema, such as Last Tango in Paris, a film where Marlon Brando took his already incredible acting to even higher more self-deprecating heights. Others like David Winterbottom’s 9 Songs (which also featured real sex of simulated) fall by the wayside.

The reasons for this are many, but one obvious one is opting for titillation in place of connecting with the audience on a human and emotional level.

Love is a melodrama at heart that explores the most primal of human interactions. It never relents as it surges forward like the bass of the electronic soundtrack.

This film is definitely not for everyone. However, Love is undeniably as pure look at the private lives of couples that we are likely to see on the big screen. For all its shock value, controversy, and relentlessness, Love is still very much still a film that moves the audience.

Because of its subject matter you are not likely to see many films like this, which is a tribute to those who had the courage to bring it forward. Through films we find insights and metaphors to life lived, it is about time someone explored the passion under the sheets as if we were flies on the wall.

The film’s Australian distributors believe, “any movie that is pushing the boundaries deserves to be in front of a wider audience. Love is a cinematic experience, the sort of movie that only comes around once in a generation”. If you’re game enough, head to and see what all the fuss is about.