Madden NFL 16: The Movie featuring Dave Franco, Rob Gronkowski and a T Rex

If you’re a massive fan of sports games like me, you’re probably aware that the next run of year 16 games are set to release in the next couple of months. With games like FIFA, Madden and NBA2k all set to hit the shelves in a matter of weeks It’s arguably the best time of the year for any sports fan. Generally for a lot of us, it normally means ignoring the significant other and focusing almost entirely on the Xbox or Playstation.

What you might not be aware of the its the fact Madden has also released the most badass game trailer ever. The trailer has spared absolutely no expense featuring NFL players like Rob Gronkowski, Julio Jones, Antonio Brown and Colin Kaepernick as Al Pacino in Scent of a Woman along with head coach of the Buffalo Bills Rex Ryan. The trailer also features actors Dave Franco and Christopher Mintz-Plasse (McLOVIN!) as crazed Madden fans.

With a budget that far exceeds anything any Australian film maker cares to realise, the film along with it’s massive cast of stars has explosions, motor bike stunts, 80s inspired hair du’s, a T-Rex, ninjas and of course – football guns. It is really all you could hope for in a game trailer!

The game will be released in Australia on the 28th of August by EA Sports.