Nostalgia Vision At The Ready With First Trailer For ‘Incredibles 2’

Almost fourteen years on from the original, the first trailer for The Incredibles’ long awaited sequel has finally dropped as of last night. This first look shows us a rather whimsical development of the super family’s baby, Jack Jack, and his powers.

This delay has been due, in part, to director Brad Bird’s burgeoning career. Bird himself having brought such films to the world as Ratatouille, Tomorrowland, and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. With output like that, it’s no wonder there’s been a wait.

The wait may be almost over, but there is sill left to endure, as The Incredibles 2 is set to release June 2018. All we can do now is make our calendars and count down the days until we can feel like kids again.

Watch the trailer below now.