‘Once Upon A Time In Hollywood’ Themed Pop-Up Bar Is Coming To Carlton’s Cinema Nova

To celebrate the release of Quentin Tarantino’s much anticipated Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, Carlton’s Cinema Nova are hosting a 60s-styled pop-up bar for patrons to enjoy before catching the flick.

The Hollywood Time Lounge opens Wednesday, August 14, and will be run for at least four weeks. The space will be decked out in ’60s decor, with vintage furnishings sourced by I Love Lucy Vintage. Melbourne street-artist Conrad Bizjak has created a psychedelic mural while old movie posters will be scattered about the pop-up lounge. 

A jazzy soundtrack will be provided by composer Nelson Riddle while a tasty selection of retro snacks will be available for moviegoers to chow down on. The range of food on offer includes meatballs, spicy burgers, corndogs and chilli cheese fries, while on the drink front, there will be four special cocktails to tickle your fancy. 

You can grab a ‘Dirty Martini’ with vodka, vermouth, olive brine and olives, a ‘Sunset’ that mixes Cognac, Cointreau, lemon and orange, a ‘Summer of 69’ combining gin, vermouth, ginger ale, mint and berries, or a ‘Tiki Punch’, consisting of rum, fruit juice, fruit pieces and spices. 

Cinema Nova’s Hollywood Time Lounge opens Wednesday, August 14.

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