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Netflix 14 Peaks Nothing Is Impossible Documentary

Netflix’s Latest Must-Watch Documentary Is Now Streaming

The age of content comes with certain drawbacks. Chief among them is the sheer volume of readily-available entertainment (mini-series, documentaries,…

Harry Potter The Philosophers Stone

‘Harry Potter & The Philosopher’s Stone’ Was Almost A Very Different Movie

20 years ago today, Harry Potter & The Philosopher’s Stone premiered here in Australia; directed by Chris Columbus, starring Daniel…

Idris Elba Might Star In The Next James Bond Film But Not As 007

Idris Elba Might Actually Star In The Next James Bond Film (But Not As 007)

Alright, kids. In a situation that’s eerily similar to learning you’ll be receiving two Christmas celebrations from here on out…

Ray Donovan Movie Trailer

WATCH: ‘Ray Donovan’ Movie Trailer Hints You Can’t Run From The Past

It isn’t exactly the eighth season fans were hoping to receive but Showtime’s Ray Donovan is officially returning for a…

Die Hard BH Christmas Movies Advent Calendar

Your Christmas Movie Advent Calendar For 2021

The definitive viewing list for this holiday season.

new south park movies 2021 paramount

We’re Getting Two New ‘South Park’ Movies Before The End Of 2021

UPDATE [22/11/21]: The first of the two new South Park movies arrives exclusively to Paramount+ this week (November 25th) –…

Martin Scorsese Jonah Hill Jerry Garcia Grateful Dead Biopic

Martin Scorsese Is Reuniting With Jonah Hill For His Next Movie

The jury’s still out on whether director Martin Scorsese has lost his magic touch post-The Irishman, or whether the cinematic…

Train To Busan Remake Last Train To New York

Loud Groan… The American ‘Train To Busan’ Remake Is Coming Soon

Hollywood just doesn’t seem to learn from its mistakes. You’d think after churning out soulless remakes of classics like Ben-Hur,…

Netflix Dont Look Up Trailer

WATCH: Netflix’s ‘Don’t Look Up’ Starring Leonardo DiCaprio Full Trailer

Ordinarily, the concept of scientists warning the world of its imminent doom only to fall on deaf ears would be…

Tom Hardy Channing Tatum To Play Special Forces In Afghanistan Evacuation Movie

Tom Hardy & Channing Tatum Sign On For Afghanistan Evacuation Movie

Hollywood seems to be on something of a pro-military tear lately. Universal Pictures has acquired an untitled original project starring…

Gladiator 2 Sequel

‘Gladiator II’ Has Been Fully Written, Says Ridley Scott

UPDATE [15/11/21]: Two months after alluding to the fact the screenplay for a Gladiator sequel was in the process of…

Road House Reboot Jake Gyllenhaal

‘Road House’ Reboot Circles Jake Gyllenhaal For Its Lead

Not that anyone could ever replace Patrick Swayze – as the iconic PhD-educated bouncer James Dalton in a Road House…