Richard Madden Is The Latest Actor To Most Likely Be The Next James Bond

The role of James Bond is one of the most coveted in all of Hollywood. The franchise itself is one of the highest grossing and longest running of all-time, amassing a combined figure of over $7 billion to date. The likes of Connery, Craig and every man in between have each mastered the iconic character in their own way.

Craig is arguably the best Bond yet, which, while doing plenty for the now-21st-century franchise has surely made the task of finding the next 007 all the more daunting. After months of throwing around just about every A-list actor’s name in the headlines as the next potential 007, word from the UK has it that Bodyguard and Game of Thrones’ Richard Madden is next up to don the tuxedo and sport the Walther PPK.

If there’s one thing for certain about this choice, it’s that Madden sure as hell fits the look.

Despite being relatively unknown outside of the UK, most who do know of the name have seen him play the ill-fated Robb Stark on Game of Thrones. Through his GoT presence, along with the recent hype around Bodyguard, it’s definitely been proven that Madden has the acting prowess and suave good looks worthy of 007 status, albeit clocking in at the tender age of just 32.

However, the reports have come at a time when outsiders were hoping for something different from the entertainment world. With the current climate of the industry swayed towards a ‘lack of diversity’ in our on-screen protagonists, and particularly leading ones, many were rooting for Idris Elba to debut as the first black James Bond, despite the man straight up denying his wish to play the globe-trotting British spy. 

Many were in favour of giving the role to someone who didn’t fit the stereotype in an effort to keep the franchise fresh. After all, even Daniel Craig’s casting as a bullish blonde bloke with blue eyes and a chiselled physique prompted questions just over a decade ago, so it’s not the first time.

Sources told UK newspaper The Sun;

Madden, however, is about as on-the-money as you could get to Flemming’s original concept from the character and possibly the closest incarnation to Sean Connery’s version of the spy back in the glory days. He’s a Scotsman, too, and would be the first one of which to step up to the plate since Connery officially departed the role in 1971.

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Source: GQ