Hold Up, Robert Pattinson Is The New Batman?

Hold Up, Robert Pattinson Is The New Batman?

In some rather strange casting news, Robert Pattinson is being touted as the latest actor to take on the mantle of the Batman. The English actor made his name with the Twilight saga but has graduated to a more adult fare of late, starring in a host of interesting projects such as the Western comedy Damsel and sci-fi horror High Life

According to Variety Pattinson has been tapped by director Matt Reeves for his take on the Caped Crusader. The film is set to begin pre-production later this year and will be the eighth full-length feature film based on the DC Comics favourite. 

Pattinson is set to replace Ben Affleck who earlier this year quit the much publicised project after he “couldn’t come up with a version” that did justice to the character. He further elaborated on this in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, explaining, “It was time to let someone take a shot at it. They’ve got some really good people, so I’m excited.”

There’s no word on the plot of the film but considering Reeves is the mastermind behind the previous two Planet Of The Apes films, expect some tight writing and elaborate action scenes. 

Fingers crossed Pattinson can live up Christian Bale’s legacy while providing his own unique take on the Dark Knight. What do you make of the casting?

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