‘Suicide Squad’ Reboot To Star Idris Elba & Margot Robbie

‘Suicide Squad’ Reboot To Star Idris Elba & Margot Robbie

There are few films of this decade that flopped harder than the 2016 DC mega-flick Suicide Squad.

The lesson there, kids, is to not assume that big budgets and a star-studded cast are a recipe for success. In an effort to pretend that clusterfuck never happened, by some stroke of genius the studio heads at Warner Brothers have commissioned a ‘reboot’ just four years later, hoping that just enough time has passed that people won’t immediately recall the first-try failure.

With a similar (but of course not identical) title, The Suicide Squad has been given a green light, and this time around writer and director James Gunn is at the helm. Best known for directing Marvels’ Guardians of the Galaxy chapters, Gunn has since jumped ship to DC along with Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi, who will appear in the film with fellow Marvel alumni Nathan Fillion and Sean Gunn.

Taking to Twitter, James Gunn shared the full cast list for the upcoming reboot, which sees the return of Australia’s own Margot Robbie and the franchise debut for Fast & Furious bad man Idris Elba.

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