Joker 2 Lady Gaga Harley Quinn Musical

‘Joker 2’ Will Apparently Be A Musical Starring Lady Gaga As Harley Quinn

Last week, the internet was sent into a meltdown when director Todd Phillips confirmed Joker 2 had a completed screenplay…

Josh Brolin Batman

Josh Brolin Reveals He Lost The Role Of Batman To Ben Affleck

The roads of Hollywood are littered with missed opportunities and awesome what-ifs. But every now and then, you glimpse an…

The Batman New Trailer DC FanDome 2021 Matt Reeves Robert Pattinson

WATCH: ‘The Batman’ Teases An Unstoppable Force In Brand New Trailer

DC FanDome 2021 has premiered a brand new trailer for Matt Reeves’ The Batman starring Robert Pattinson, Zoe Kravitz, and…

Pierce Brosnan Doctor Fate Kent Nelson Black Adam DC Universe

Pierce Brosnan Joins The DC Universe As Doctor Fate

No one is safe from the far-reaching influence of Marvel and DC in the current cinematic landscape. Not even Pierce…

Superman Reboot Michael B Jordan JJ Abrams

‘Superman’ Reboot In Development With J.J. Abrams

It’s hard to disagree with anyone who says modern cinema is almost solely comprised of superhero films and reboots. Although…

HBO John Constantine Reboot Series JJ Abrams Bad Robot

HBO Is Developing A ‘Constantine’ Reboot Series

Sick of reboots yet? What about superhero content? Because HBO have decided to give Constantine another stab with a brand…

Michael Keaton Is In Talks To Return As Batman

While fans have constantly been clamouring for Christian Bale’s return, it seems the universe may deliver someone else on equal…

Justice League: The Snyder Cut Has A Teaser Trailer

After years of petitions, Twitter discussion, and wearing down studios, the internet is finally on track to receive Justice League:…

‘The Batman’ Will Not Be An Origin Story

Face it, we’ve all seen Thomas and Martha Wayne die enough times onscreen to, well… last a lifetime (there’s a…

robert pattinson the batman

First Look: Robert Pattinson’s Batman Revealed In Costume Camera Test

He’s certainly dressed for the part.

The Alternate Ending For ‘Joker’ Almost Changed The Entire DC Universe

A bold move, to say the least.

‘Joker’ Out-laughs ‘The Dark Knight’ As It Rockets Towards Billion Dollar Box Office Club

Warner Bros. ‘Joker’ cashes in a global half-a-billion dollars following US$543.9 million dollar global cash-in.