The Johnny of Old: Depp Returns in Black Mass

Before he did one too many Tim Burton films. Before he was Jack Sparrow 5 times over. Before he did predictable box office bombs like The Lone Ranger and Mortdecai. He was Hunter S. Thompson. He was George Jung. And he was Donnie Brasco.

There was a time when Johnny Depp was unpredictable, mysterious, and captivating. In what could possibly signal the third act of Depp’s career, the first trailer for Black Mass has arrived. Depp plays infamous Boston gangster Whitey Bulger – and he looks chilling. Take a look at the trailer above and consider if this is the return of the type of acting that once made Depp one of the coolest, engaging, and thrilling stars on the silver screen.

The film directed by Scott Cooper (Crazy Heart & Out of the Furnace) also features the always brilliant (local lad) Joel Edgerton, Benedict Cumberbatch (if a balding Depp isn’t hitting the mark for the ‘Cumberbitches’ out there), Adam Scott, Juno Temple, and Peter Sarsgaard. It’s slated for release this year, and could make me look silly for not including it in The 10 Most Anticipated Films of 2015.

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