Tom Hardy Builds Hype In Marvel’s Dark Teaser for ‘Venom’

The first glimpse of Venom, Tom Hardy’s fanboy project directed by Ruben Fleischer has dropped overnight. The foreboding hype clip proceeds the full trailer, which is expected to surface in the coming month or two.

Venom will be the first film in Sony’s Marvel Universe and also their first attempt at an R-rating alongside a smaller budget, inspired by the daring moves of 20th Century Fox’s success with X-Men films Logan and Deadpool.

Tom Hardy is a self-confessed fan of the Venom comic storyline and will play its antihero Eddie Brock. There is little available from the plot line to deduce given it’s the first trailer we’ve seen in a while that doesn’t actually (almost for a split second, but not really) feature the title character.

The menacing creature that transforms Hardy’s character can be spotted in two brief snapshots. You’ll have to stay close by for the full trailer ahead of the film’s release on October 5.