Why ‘Superbad’ Is The Greatest Millennial Comedy Of All Time

Why ‘Superbad’ Is The Greatest Millennial Comedy Of All Time

Many will tell you that comedy is subjective. Many others (and probably in the very comment section of this article) won’t even bother opening the link to this write-up/video, and just contest the headline with some other bullshit pick of theirs. 

One individual, however, backs Superbad as the ultimate millennial comedy, and even makes a pretty compelling case for why in their breakdown. And yes, we’re pretty inclined to back him on every point.

To summarise very briefly, key reasons include:

  • Being consistently funny throughout
  • Having a steady stream of hilarious escalation
  • The fact that it doesn’t go for the cheap laughs
  • The fact that is doesn’t resort to bare-titted raunchiness 
  • The well-defined characters
  • Use of jokes to explore character rather than cram in a line
  • The authentically awkward touch
  • Depicting late-teen life in a relatable and genuine manner
  • The “surprisingly tender” coming-of-age story
  • The bittersweet bro ending 
  • The McLovin ID scene (no question)

Watch the full video below to find out why Superbad is the greatest millennial comedy of all time.