Will Smith KO’s the NFL in ‘Concussion’

As the discussion on concussion in sport reverberates around the world, cinema has stopped to take a look at the man who began the chat.

Dr. Bennet Omalu is the man responsible for linking chronic brain damage resulting in deaths with the NFL. This of course did not sit well with the National Football League which posted a profit of over $1 billion last year. The result was an epic story of right versus wrong, and morals versus money.

Playing the brilliant forensic neuropathologist is none other than the Fresh Prince, Will Smith. There is no doubting Smith’s comedic talent and charms, but what is frustrating about him is the capacity for so much unrealized potential. The last few years have not been kind for Smith who was seen in crap like After Earth and Men In Black 3. However one only has to look back as far as the strange Seven Pounds to see he is much more capable than flashing a smile and saving the world.

The film looks to be a intensely thrilling drama with solid performances from co-stars as Alec Baldwin and Albert Brooks. The PR team at the NFL will have their hands full after this one, but should be in for a nice pay rise if they manage to manoeuvre through the obvious sensitivities. Director Peter Landesman’s Concussion is expected in US cinemas in December – giving it a nice run towards Oscar season.