Australia may have just witnessed Drake at his best

Australia may have just witnessed Drake at his best

As most hip-hop fans would already know Drake recently made history when he surpassed one of the greatest bands of all time, The Beatles, with his amount of Billboard 100 Singles. Thanks to his surprise album ‘If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late’ at one point Drake had 21 concurrently charting songs in the top 100. Drake was in in Sydney when the news came through and he celebrated the accomplishment by watching a fireworks display from the Harbour.

We have all acknowledged Drakes record-breaking feat however what we have not acknowledged is the fact that he was in Australia when it was all happening. It is highly unlikely that Drake will ever reach heights like this again; the fact that an artist could achieve such dominance just once is unbelievable. This means those who were lucky enough to attend one of Drake’s shows including his Future performances can claim that they witnessed one of the biggest artists of all time at their peak.

I was one of those lucky people to witness The 6 God at Future Music Festival in Brisbane on March 7th. He had prior to this claimed that his Brisbane show at The Brisbane Entertainment Centre was the best live crowd he had ever performed in front of. He repeated the statement to the Future crowd, adding that they ‘might surpass that tonight’.

Drake had already performed several Australian shows and his performance oozed confidence. He seemed overwhelmed by the excitement of the crowd and paused several times and appeared to be soaking it all in. The highlight of the performance was definitely watching so many people singing along to ‘I just want to be successful’ who were clearly on drugs at the time.

A notable mention must also go to the bloke standing next to me in the crowd during ‘Hold on, We’re Going Home’. He was vomiting topless, in a cold sweat, but it still took til his fourth vomit for him to call it quits and leave. A testimony to just how good Drake was on the night.