Polographia Talk Collaboration & Finding Their Niche
— Updated on 2 August 2021

Polographia Talk Collaboration & Finding Their Niche

— Updated on 2 August 2021

Sydney duo Polographia represent all that is good in Australian electronic music. Their combination of the organic with the digitally processed is full of nostalgic bliss, heralding in some awesome tunes that are sure to get you bumping. Recent tours with Snakehips and Rufus also show their definite impact on the scene, steadily growing a strong legion of fans. We recently sat down with the guys to chat production, work ethic and how everything comes together in their performances. 

How do you guys work together to make tracks? Is it organic or do you set roles for each other?

We work quite well together when were together. We send each other tracks and remix each other all the time! Moktar is really good at starting tracks and Dan’s great with polishing them but at times it’s the other way around

Do you find that the electronic music scene is over saturated with a lot of the same? Is it important to have a niche?

We find that a lot of people, especially with the new guys starting off, tend to sound like each other but it’s just because of the inspiration and bigger artists they look up too. Even when we first started off we looked up to so many artist and wanted to sound exactly like them! It took us some time but eventually we found our own sound. It’s super important to us to have your own signature sound; whats the point of sounding like everyone else?

Saying that, how essential are live performances to creating? Is it another source of inspiration?

SO IMPORTANT! Needs to be just important as your music. We crave on making our live performances bigger and better every time we play. We enjoy playing live a lot and always try have fun with it each time. At the end of the day there’s no better feeling for us to be out there and doing what we love.

Is simplicity a key part of your guys’ music?

As time goes we try to simplify things a bit more because we learnt that sometimes its actually alot better to not throw so much in one go as it starts to ruin the sound. Keeping a good balance dynamic in our sound always works for us and we’re still learning.

Do you value visuals as much as the audio? Is it essential to deliver a complete package when releasing a track?

We’ve always talked about having visuals in our shows. Especially when were performing without a vocalist, you want to add that other element to our live shows because most of our live set is instrumental.

Is international exposure something that still trips you out? Having that kind of reach around the world?

A little bit! Polographia has never left Australia so we’re so curious to what people overseas think of us and if they would even like us. We would love to be overseas one day.

Was there a moment where you guys said this was it, we’re fully committing to music?

The first time we got asked to tour with Rufus was a big moment because we were still very new to the scene. It was a huge learning curve for us and we realised after that tour this is what we want to do.

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The boys will be performing on Saturday at Broadway Fusion Fest in Sydney from 5pm. For more details, click here or check out Broadway’s FB here

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