Premiere: The Goods’ “Ninja Trolls (Live at REC Studios)”

Premiere: The Goods’ “Ninja Trolls (Live at REC Studios)”

Sydney-based trio The Goods are creating some of the smoothest melodies out there right now. One of their best releases, ‘Ninja Trolls’, is an anthemic foray into future funk that entrances you with it’s hypnotic grooves. According to group members Boris Bangaltar and Rosario D’Awesome, the killer track was born out of a late night jam session.

“We’d just come out of a period where we were focused on expanding our musical palette and digging for samples. Before refining our new found treasures, we jammed as much of it as we could into Trolls.”

‘Ninja Trolls’ has come full circle with The Goods now premiering a live recording video, reminiscent of those times spent in the studio jamming. Surrounded by controllers and synthesizers, vocalist Black Tree releases the beast with a more free flowing version of the track that packs a definite punch. The group noted that this kind of set up was a key part of how they make music.

“We jam as a way of life. We’ll try to make room for free sections when we perform live as well as when we’re conceptualising and writing in the studio. That’s usually where the magic happens.”

Check out the cleanly cut video above and some of The Goods’ discography here.