An Insider’s Guide To Tennessee With Old Crow Medicine Show
— Updated on 22 February 2022

An Insider’s Guide To Tennessee With Old Crow Medicine Show

— Updated on 22 February 2022

Acclaimed Statesiders Old Crow Medicine Show are returning to Australia for the first time in eight years to play their “Blonde on Blonde” show in a string of East Coast dates this September and October.

A staple of the old-time music, the band heralds from Nashville and are a true gem of the South, with nearly 20 years of performances under their belt. We recently sat down with guitarist Critter Fuqua to chat all things Tennessee, including performance prep and the best of the best for your next visit to the states. 

How are the expectations for your first Aussie show in 8 years? 

For me personally, it’s the first time I’ve been with the band in Australia. I’m really looking forward to exploring it myself, but I think that since we haven’t been there in a while it’ll be fans that are familiar with our older stuff. I’m definitely going to be digging it.

What should someone expect when attending a Old Crow Medicine Show gig?

We never really plan any of that, we just kind of do it naturally. We are proud to be from Tennesee so it’s always a good Tennessee show. The typical show involves cowboy hats, steel guitar, lot of fiddle playing, banjo – just a hoot with barn burning tunes.

How do you think people from so many different walks of life can relate to your music? 

I think there’s a real special connection with people when it comes to banjos and fiddles. With the old Irish fiddle tunes and the Banjo being an African American instrument originally, there’ s this simple driving kind of music that really appeals to everyone. Everyone that I play to has a positive response, from kids to grandmas to fratboys and hippies. It knocks all the barriers down, a true equalizer.

Where do you guys find inspiration? 

It kind of happens everyday. Just in Tennessee, we’ve got great rivers, the cities of Memphis and Nashville, the mountains, Native American and African American culture – we’ve basically got everything. Just living here in that mix gives us inspiration.

If an Aussie was to visit Nashville, where you guys are from, what would you recommend visiting? 

I would not suggest going down to Broadway where all the tourists go. I’d definitely check out the Ryman Auditiorium, I’d go to the Grand Ole Opry, I’d visit the station inn and catch a live band. I’d definitely drive out to the country, a trip out in the Smokey Mountains. Take in the scenery, take in the food and take in all that culture. It’s a wonderful place to explore.

For those who are considering coming to a show and hearing your music for the first time, what does Old Crow Medicine Show represent? 

For me the music represents what is really the best of what America has to offer. There’s so many kinds of music we don’t play, but we’ve got a good mix of blues, rock, old time and country tunes. It’s everything that’s really good about the South and Tennessee.


Make sure you check out Old Crow Medicine Show through their shows at Brisbane’s The Tivoli on Thursday 28th September, Melbourne’s Forum Theatre on Sunday 1st October and the Enmore Theatre in Sydney on Tuesday 3rd October.

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