You Can Now Play Lee Carvallo’s Putting Challenge From The Simpsons

Until further notice, no other gaming-related news has currency here. Not the PlayStation 5 unveiling, any Warzone chat, nor Gran Turismo 7‘s certifiably bonkers reveal trailer. Because as of this moment, the only fresh release BH cares about is Lee Carvallo’s Putting Challenge – a completely faithful recreation of the original punchline and free-to-play via web browsers.

Appearing in S07E11 of The Simpsons – “Marge Be Not Proud” – this is the very same golf simulator Bart is gifted instead of the ultraviolent Mortal Kombat equivalent, Bonestorm. The punchline, of course, being that this game is the polar opposite of what every child wants during Christmas.

Created by Aaron Demeter, as previously mentioned, the real-life game is a completely faithful recreation of what we see in the original episode – right down to the use of the original episode’s actual audio files. Play your cards right wrong and the ball even lands in the parking lot.

In addition to being free-to-play through a web browser, hardcore Carvallo/Simpsons fans may also download it to keep on their own devices. There’s an option to name your own price – which includes $0 if you feel so inclined – but who knows… perhaps a small donation will mean a handful more novelty releases in the near future. Perhaps even a real-life Bonestorm, where we can all scramble to claim ‘Thrillhouse‘ for our own username. Or hit the character limit and settle for ‘Thrillho’.

Play Lee Carvallo’s Putting Challenge now over at

Lee Carvallo's Putting Challenge