Travis Scott Breaks His Own Record, Performs “Goosebumps” 15 Times In A Row

Having the stamina to perform a rap show is an amazing feat in of itself. But when you repeat a song over 14 times while on stage, it surely would destroy you. Well Travis Scott, an American rapper who is infamous for his energy in concert, has done this twice in less than a fortnight.

On the 12th of May, Scott broke the world record for the most consecutive plays of a song at a show ever. His smash hit “Goosebumps” absolutely blitzed previous record holders Kanye West and Jay Z (who had 12 plays in a row for “Niggas In Paris” in 2012), with the song being performed 14 times consecutively at his Oklahoma City concert. Not wanting to stop the momentum, Scott then chose to 1-up himself by performing the track 15 times at his Cleveland gig over the weekend. As you’d expect the crowd went crazy, as shown by the flurry of tweets after each record breaker.

With Scott being recently charged with inciting a riot at one of this other concerts and multiple videos of his performance antics floating around the internet, it’d definitely be insane to attend one of his gigs. Check out the video for the first record breaking above.