The Van Gogh Alive Exhibition Is Coming To Sydney

The multi-sensory Van Gogh Alive exhibition originally bound for Melbourne is being redirected to Sydney. Having already toured fifty cities around the world, this remarkable digital experience will make its way to Moore Park, bringing over 3,000 large-scale images.

Van Gogh Alive, of course, had intended to hit The Lume in South Melbourne. But due to the second COVID-19 instigated lockdown, that obviously can no longer occur. In fact, The Lume’s grand opening has now been postponed to 2021 altogether.

For those who reside outside of Melbourne, however, you’ll be able to enjoy the biggest version of this art exhibition hosted anywhere in the world – up to three times larger than some cities – complete with synchronised projections, accompanying musical score, and curated aromas which delighted six million plus visitors before you.

“No matter where you’re standing, if you look to a different area, you’ll see something different and you’ll get a very unique experience in Sydney,” says Bruce Peterson, Owner & Director of Grande Exhibitions and The Lume.

“The type of experience we put on is about as COVID-friendly as you can get – it’s contactless and people can socially distance themselves and we can control things quite well.”

The Van Gogh Alive will be hosted at The Royal Hall of Industries by Moore Park. Officially opening its doors the public for a limited period starting September 18th, admission will cost $30 a person – be sure to sign up to the waiting list.