Respek: Sacha Baron Cohen Is Reviving Ali G
— 11 August 2023

Respek: Sacha Baron Cohen Is Reviving Ali G

— 11 August 2023
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

The world could use a laugh right now, which is probably why Sacha Baron Cohen is dusting off the unmistakable yellow lens shades, beanie, and chain to return as Ali G.

According to Variety, the chameleon of a comedian has been quietly working on a stand-up tour that features the iconic Staines-based rapper (full name: Alistair Leslie Graham). Although anyone waiting on a sequel to Ali G In Da House certainly shouldn’t hold their breath.

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An inside source who spoke to the entertainment trade publication was quick to deny any follow-up films were currently in development; while alluding to the ongoing Writers Guild of America and SAG-AFTRA strikes.

“As a SAG and WGA member he is supporting the ongoing strike alongside his fellow writers and actors,” the source told Variety.

The last time Baron Cohen appeared as Ali G was when he briefly resurrected the character for a secret gig at Sydney’s The Comedy Store, circa 2021.

“I just wanted to get on stage and muck around and see what Ali G would be like with a crowd. It was really good fun,” he said at the time.

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To make this entire revelation all the more auspicious, this year marks the 25th anniversary since Sacha Baron Cohen first debuted as Ali G on Channel 4’s sketch series The 11 O’Clock Show.

The faux-streetwise poseur would later front a standalone series of his own dubbed Da Ali G Show, where Baron Cohen would also introduce Kazakh reporter Borat and Austrian fashionista Bruno.

Stay tuned for more details on the forthcoming Sacha Baron Cohen stand-up tour featuring the one and only Ali G.

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