Archer Season 11 Set For A Return To Classic Form

Archer Season 11

No more weird tangents or silly storylines – Archer is back with a bang for season 11. If, like us, you got a bit lost in the mess that was the post-espionage story arc, rest easy knowing that the raucous spy has since awakened from his three-year-long coma, according to Screen Rant.

The team is back to its regular antics with Sterling Archer at the helm alongside the usual zany personalities including Lana, Cheryl, Pam and Cyril. Thankfully, the trailer below also hints at the return of original banter and pun-filled one-liners we know and love from the earlier seasons.

Archer season 11 lands on FXX September 16th, with an eventual Netflix release likely in the pipeline for soon after.

To check out what else is dropping on Netflix next month, and to catch up on Archer seasons 1-10, head to this article.

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