Benedict Cumberbatch & The Scary Power Of Social Media In HBO’s “Brexit” Trailer

In a time where European politics are a bit of a drama in and of themselves, HBO is capitalising on the turmoil of the moment with its latest release, Brexit

The first trailer just dropped and stars Benedict Cumberbatch as the analyst behind the “Vote Leave” campaign that began the Brexit drama that now fills our real-life newsfeeds. Though the campaign was based upon data analytics which you would think wouldn’t make for a particularly interesting movie, the trailer is a bit chilling as it showcases the disturbing power of the aggressive social media used to promote anti-immigrant racism and outright lies about funding the National Health Service. 

If HBO is successful in creating a comprehensive, accurate, and engaging visual summarisation of the campaign that began the mess of Brexit, it could be a sign of future political dramas (i.e. most anything related to Donald Trump). Until then, watch the trailer and prepare yourself for Brexit, premiering on HBO January 19th, 2019.