— 26 April 2023

Conor McGregor Docuseries ‘McGregor Forever’ Revealed With Official Netflix Trailer

— 26 April 2023
Chris Singh
Chris Singh

As Conor McGregor looks at a big return to the octagon later this year, following a brutal leg break at the conclusion of UFC 264 in July 2021, it looks like his road to recovery will be the subject of a four-part Netflix docuseries, simply and aptly titled McGregor Forever. The divisive fighter has always lived a life absolutely made for something like this so there’s little doubt we’ll all be tuning in on May 17, especially if the McGregor Forever trailer is anything to go by.

The just-released teaser to Netflix’s Conor McGregor documentary will chart the man’s journey back to the top of the food chain with the streaming giant clearly moving to capitalise on the outrageous explosion in popularity UFC has seen in recent years. And given McGregor is one of the sport’s most bankable stars, an all-access examination of his mental state and training regime should easily fill the voice for decent sports documentaries given Netflix hasn’t been so crash hot when it comes to the genre lately.

As per the trailer, we’ll bear witness to the Irishman’s preparation as he gears up for his big return in a match against prolific brawler Michael Chandler.

Whether or not McGregor Forever will go on to bang as hard as something like The Last Dance remains to be seen. There’s always some sort of heat surrounding the man’s name but, as one of his trainers apparently describes him, the Irishman is “impossible not to watch and be fascinated by.”

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Director Gotham Chopra has gone on record to say Conor is “unlike anyone I’ve ever collaborated with” and described the four-part series as “inexplicably wild.” Which, to be frank, is expected no matter how you feel about the man. McGregor’s many soaring highs and crashing lows has unquestionably driven UFC into the limelight more than a few times, from headlining five out of six top-selling PPV events for the sport to holding the record for the most consecutive post-fight bonuses.

“I thought it was over as well,” the braggadocious fighter is heard saying in the McGregor Forever trailer.

“That’s why I flipped into a different mode. It was the adrenaline as well and I know I would have come down but part of me was thinking, Jesus, imagine if it was taken from me like that. I would be a different person and it was a bit scary, to be honest with you. But it’s McGregor forever. That’s it. It’s done. It’s McGregor forever and don’t you forget it.”

Each McGregor Forever episode clocks in with a one-hour runtime and will track the fighter’s rehabilitation process as he “embarks on the most important point of his career.”

McGregor Forever premieres on Netflix on May 17, 2023.

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