‘The Gentlemen’ Season 2 Is Already In Development (But That’s Not All)
— Updated on 8 April 2024

‘The Gentlemen’ Season 2 Is Already In Development (But That’s Not All)

— Updated on 8 April 2024
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

Considering the 2019 film of the same name starring Matthew McConaughey, Charlie Hunnam, and Colin Farrell was initially pitched as a television series, Netflix’s The Gentlemen represents something of a full-circle moment for writer-director Guy Ritchie. But now that the eight-part spin-off has wrapped up… when can we expect The Gentlemen season 2 to hit our streaming queues?

Has The Gentlemen season 2 been confirmed by Netflix?

At the time of this writing, Netflix hasn’t officially announced the renewal of The Gentlemen just yet.

Though given the critical acclaim, strong streaming numbers, the fact this undertaking was conceived as an ongoing series spanning multiple years, and certain conversations already happening, we like our chances.

When prompted about the second season, Marc Helwig — Miramax’s Head of Worldwide Television — told Deadline: “We have started that process. There are some writers we’ve talked to, certainly lots of discussion with Guy about what he might want to do in a second season, what things to focus on.”

Helwig also hinted at the possibility of The Gentlemen expanding into a broader cinematic universe beyond season 2/3/4 alone. Or as he describes it, a “Guy Ritchie world.”

“You feel that this could run and run,” said Guy Ritchie himself.

“The characters take on their own life, all you have to do is establish a character and create their own voice, and then couple that with an actor and we’re off to the races.”

The actors, on the other hand, seem to be in the dark about this one.

“Nothing was ever discussed of a second season,” said Giancarlo Esposito, who portrays rival American kingpin and billionaire Stanley Johnston (via Digital Spy).

“But when you’re in the last episode of the first season — a really great scene, I love Ray Winstone — then you know, we have the possibility of going further. And I think the show does as well.”

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What will the second season of The Gentlemen be about?

'The Gentlemen' Season 2 Is Already In Development (But That's Not All)

[Warning: Major season 1 spoilers]

After months of working towards an exit from Bobby Glass’ (Ray Winstone) criminal enterprise, former UN peacekeeping officer and 10th Duke of Halstead, Eddie Horniman (Theo James) decides to commit and finds himself deeper than ever.

Throughout the first season, he’d demonstrate an incredible aptitude — a God-given talent, even — for navigating the underworld, making full use of his fists, firearms, and most importantly, cunning along the way. But the finale was when he’s revealed to have developed an appetite for the empire-building game.

“That is the beginning of his journey into the heart of darkness,” Theo James explains to Netflix’s Tudum.

“Michael Corleone’s soul is broken in the journey of that film. And similarly, in a more bombastic Guy Ritchie way, Eddie’s soul is darkened.”

“He finally realises that with power comes death, and he begins to enjoy it… Eddie and Susie (Kaya Scodelario) just signed the deal with the devil and they’re about to embark on a diabolical journey.” 

The deal in question, of course, is what will inform the plot of The Gentlemen season 2.

After baiting bids for the Glass weed operation from…

  • Esposito’s Stanley Johnston — who they’d set up for a tax fraud rap, sending him to the same jail as Bobby Glass where they toast one another as “gentlemen”
  • Low-life bottomfeeder Sticky Pete (Joshua McGuire) and cartel-affiliated drug baroness Mercy Moreno (Martha Millan) — both executed by scheming boxing promoter Henry Collins on the coercion of Eddie
  • Henry himself, who would later be executed in a double-cross by Eddie for putting Susie’s brother Jack Glass in a coma…

Bobby reveals his “retirement” plans were a test to see whether Eddie and Susie were suitable candidates to inherit the throne. They take the reins more officially, but this renewed partnership doesn’t necessarily mean they’re all fine and dandy.

'The Gentlemen' Season 2 Is Already In Development (But That's Not All)

“They’ve grown to love each other in their own way, but I think they’ll never fully trust each other. They are so different, and they’re from such vastly different worlds,” said James.

Kaya Scodelario added: “She’s the kind of person that, once you’ve broken her trust, she never forgets it. She can forgive it, but she’s not going to forget it.”

“To assume that they would just sail off into the sunset and everything would be perfect would be unrealistic because they’ve both had a taste for it now. They’ve learned how the other one works, and they’ve felt betrayed by the other one.”

“That’s going to fester below the surface for a long time.”  

Then there’s the matter of Scouse crime family head John “The Gospel” Dixon (Pearce Quigley), who was intent on wiping out the Horniman clan as payback for his brother’s death at the hands of coked-up wildcard Freddy Horniman (Daniel Ings).

Non sine periculo (“Not without danger”), as per the Horniman family motto.

Do we know The Gentlemen season 2 cast members?

'The Gentlemen' Season 2 Is Already In Development (But That's Not All)

Assuming everyone agrees to continue (because why wouldn’t they?), The Gentlemen season 2 will re-welcome the following:

  • Theo James as Edward “Eddie” Horniman — 10th Duke of Halstead & kingpin in the making
  • Kaya Scodelario as Susan “Susie” Glass — de facto head of the Glass syndicate & Eddie’s literal partner in crime
  • Daniel Ings as Lord Frederick “Freddy” Horniman — Eddie’s coke-addicted screw-up of an older brother
  • Joely Richardson as Lady Sabrina Horniman — Dowager Duchess of Halstead & family matriarch
  • Vinnie Jones as Geoffrey Seacombe — faithful groundskeeper of Halstead Manor
  • Jasmine Blackborow as Charlotte “Charly” Horniman — Eddie & Freddy’s younger sister
  • Chanel Cresswell as Freddy’s wife Tamasina “Tammy” Horniman
  • Stephane Fichet as Mr Lawrence — Halstead family butler
  • Michael Vu as James “Jimmy” Chang — chief “horticulturalist” (weed grower)
  • Giancarlo Esposito as Stanley Johnston — an American billionaire/competing kingpin who seeks to conquer the UK
  • Alexis Rodney as Emory Stevens — Stanley’s loyal right-hand man
  • Ray Winstone as Robert “Bobby” Glass — Susie’s father & incarcerated head of the Glass crime empire
  • Harry Goodwins as Jack Glass — Bobby’s son, Susie’s brother, & a professional boxer
  • Laurence O’Fuarain as JP Ward — head of a traveller family who becomes the syndicate’s distributor

In light of how the first season ends, we can probably lock in Pearce Quigley as John “The Gospel” Dixon, Ruby Sear as Gabrielle, and Gaia Weiss as Princess Rosanne.

When is The Gentlemen season 2 release date (Australia or otherwise)?

Assuming it’s greenlit in the coming months, we can expect The Gentlemen season 2 to premiere on Netflix sometime during late 2025/early 2026.

Has The Gentlemen season 2 trailer been dropped yet?

At this stage, there definitely isn’t a trailer for The Gentlemen season 2. Check out the first season’s trailer above in the meantime (and revisit the actual series on Netflix).

Netflix’s The Gentlemen Synopsis:

Edward Horniman (Theo James) has unexpectedly inherited an estate of 15,000 acres and the title of Duke of Halstead at the reading of the last will and testament of his deceased father. The title contains a special remainder that allows it to pass to the second son. However, he learns that the land has become part of a weed-growing empire run by Susie Glass (Kaya Scodelario). Now, he must navigate a world of eclectic and dangerous characters with nefarious agendas, whilst also trying to protect his home and stay alive.

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