Diplo Live Sets Are Being Streaming Daily On Instagram

Diplo Live Set

After some stellar musical offerings from both Mac Miller and Donald Glover in the last few weeks, we’ve now been rewarded with Diplo live sets – streamed daily on Instagram.

The megastar DJ kicked things off on Friday the 13th, and has since progressed to full-on content shows streamed across Twitch and YouTube. Funnily enough, they’ve maintained a certain level of production value despite the current lockdown. The first instalment, for example, featured gyrating dancers surrounding the Diplo himself while he wore a protective face mask.

Like chef Massimo Bottura’s cooking lessons, Diplo has been happy to follow a consistent schedule. Below, you can also find answers to a few basic questions, including what his self-isolation routine looks like. Evolving into full-on shows featuring interviews with the likes of doctors to discuss distancing rules before diving into music, the sets are a nice distraction from all the doom and gloom.

These Diplo live sets broadcast every day at 1 PM AEDT (7 PM PST), lining up perfectly with your WFH lunch break. Be sure to follow Diplo on IG for more updates around when live sets go down.

And if this isn’t exactly your cup of tea, here’s a list of 101 things as prescribed by BH to kill the time while we’re in COVID-19 induced lockdown.