Jamie Foxx Showed P. Diddy How To Throw A $1.5 Million Party For $400

Apparently, Jamie Foxx knows how to ball out on a budget. In a Late Show with Stephen Colbert appearance, he recounted a story from back in the day when he regularly hung out with P. Diddy. During the peak of Diddy’s hype, he would throw parties that ran up a bill of around $1.5 million USD. Never one to shy away from a challenge, Foxx told Diddy he could throw a party just as good for $400 USD.

But it only gets better from there. At that very same $400 USD party complete with KFC on “nice plates”, Coke in a pitcher, and booze from Foxx’s garage, there were some fresh faced names in attendance who would later become heavyweights in the music industry. Names like Pharrell, Jay-Z, and a one Kanye West before all the global stardom.

As the story goes on, Foxx revealed that this was when/where both he and West decided to collaborate on ‘Slow Jamz’, a hit track that would later rocket to number one in the US and international charts. And pay a pretty tidy sum to fund more than a few subsequent $400 USD parties, I’d imagine. Which just goes to show, an open door policy with parties can pay off from time to time… you never know who just might roll on up and change your entire life.