Leonardo DiCaprio’s Net Worth & How He Spends It

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Net Worth & How He Spends It

Leonardo DiCaprio has soundly cemented his status as a fixture of modern cinema – from Titanic to Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. With a long list of accomplishments to go with the filmography, it’s unsurprising that Leonardo DiCaprio also has a net worth which you and I would consider hefty.

Considering the man’s position on the environment, how exactly the actor spends his coin is a mystery worth unravelling. To private jet or not to private jet? Is it a garage of Lambos and Ferraris or Teslas and hybrids? Here’s how the Leonardo DiCaprio we’ve come to know makes and spends his net worth.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Net Worth & How He Spends It

Leonardo DiCaprio Net Worth Breakdown —

  • US$25 million fee per film, according to The Hollywood Reporter.
  • DiCaprio surpassed the US$20 million per film mark back in 2000.
  • Inception saw DiCaprio rake in US$59 million (includes salary and all back-end points off worldwide gross + share of DVD and pay-TV revenue)
  • An undisclosed sponsorship fee as a previous ambassador for Tag Heuer.
  • DiCaprio is also a brand ambassador for Chinese electric car company BYD.
  • Unlike George Clooney, the man’s primary income is still through film.
  • A speculated net worth total of approximately AU$350 million.

How DiCaprio Spends It —

  • Donated US$1 million to the Wildlife Conservation Society.
  • Purchased first generation Tesla & Fisker Karma electric vehicles, both for around US$100,000.
  • M/Y Topaz, a US$678 million superyacht is regularly chartered by DiCaprio.
  • The man’s got an extensive art collection. He once purchased a US$125,000 Ed Ruscha painting as part of a charity auction to raise money for Haiti relief funds.
  • He owns the piano from Casablanca.
Leonardo DiCaprio’s Net Worth & How He Spends It
  • He loves his sports, buying seasons tickets for baseball and hockey, not to mention shelling out for FIFA World Cup and UEFA Champions League Finals.
  • He’s building an eco-resort in Belize.
  • He’s since traded in his Gulfstream private jet to appease the carbon footprint critics.
  • He paid a motza for the ruby slippers from Wizard of Oz.
  • Surprisingly, a huge bulk of Leonardo DiCaprio’s net worth is dropped on his rare Star Wars action figure collection.
  • Rumoured to have bought a 10-year-old Sulcata Tortoise – you read that right. He’s a fan of exotic pets.
Leonardo DiCaprio’s Net Worth & How He Spends It

Source: The Richlist