What Your Year Looked Like In Pornhub’s Annual Statistics For 2019

As we reach mid-December, platforms everywhere have been offering insights on the year that was. Spotify, Apple Music, and now Pornhub. We’ll just go ahead and say it… this one will probably be the most telling of who we are to the core.  

In 2019, the free porn Mecca was visited 42 billion times at an average of 115 million visits per day. Some of the top searches were questionable – though somehow related to the whole Area 51 raid meme. Some of the celebrity searches were unsurprising. But all in all, this is by far the most fascinating review of 2019 available. 

Check out some of the more interesting stats in the gallery below.

For a more detailed review of the year complete with commentary, visit Pornhub’s dedicated site here.

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