‘Talking Sopranos’ Podcast Hosted By Michael Imperioli & Steve Schirripa Is Officially Here

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In addition to the Sopranos prequel film that’s well on its way, fans of the acclaimed HBO crime series will now have some additional content to dine out on. One that’s more aural than visual.

Presenting the Talking Sopranos podcast hosted by the actor who portrayed Christopher Moltisanti, Michael Imperioli, as well as the actor who portrayed Bobby Baccalieri, Steve Schirripia.

The podcast will work through the entire run of the show one episode at a time, complete with commentary of what we’ve come to love on the small screen, behind-the-scene anecdotes regarding how it was pulled off, as well as interviews with the cast and crew themselves. So we know there’ll be 86 podcast instalments, at the very least.

There will also be an interactive element between the podcast format and the fans, with an opportunity to submit questions to be answered by both Imperioli and Schirripia. And whoever decides to visit

The Sopranos has been named one of the greatest and most groundbreaking television series’ of all time by an entire myriad of critics. Consistently ranking in the top ten for “Best TV Series of All Times” lists, it has won a total of 106 awards from 257 nominations – including 21 Primetime Emmy Awards and 5 Golden Globes.

Talking Sopranos is available on Apple, Spotify, and all associated podcast platforms from April this year.

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