The Pickup: Ironman Champion Kendrick Louis


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Imagine setting an alarm each night for 4 AM the following day, six days a week, for an entire decade of your life. 10 years is a long time to dedicate to a single goal – but that’s exactly what Manly local Kendrick Louis has done for the past decade.

Could it ever be worth it? 

Louis would argue it definitely was, even more so now given his eventual Ironman Series win last month – a sweet victory for a man who has dedicated his life to the goal of becoming a national Ironman Champion.

Somewhere between his favourite coffee shop and his next training session, BH tracked down Louis in his local hangout of Sydney’s Northern Beaches for a candid quick-fire chat to understand what makes a newly-crowned Ironman Champion.

From beers with Kelly Slater to his run-in with sharks during the Molokai paddle, check out the interview below.

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Feature image: Kendrick Louis/Facebook