Lazy? For $480,000 This Machine Can Sign Your Signature

Become the ultimate contract signing douchebag.
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Ever since getting your pen licence, there's always been pressure to perfect your signature. At the end of the day it's super important for a functioning life, as you literally need to sign for everything from deliveries to your mortgage. So it's makes sense that someone thought of the idea to create a device that takes the stress of perfection away from that next important signing. 

For the cheap price of US$360,000 you can acquire a beautifully personalised device from watchmaker Jaquet Droz, taking the best of watch design and putting it into the ultimate lazy use. The automaton “Signing Machine” is a pocket-sized mechanical that will sign the owners signature to exact specification each time. 

Made with 585 parts, it's available made-to-order and is modified to the purchaser’s personal specifications. Along with a 4-digit numeric protection code, the device also comes with hand-engraved finishes in red gold, blackened hard wood and satin-metal. When fully ready, it's capable of two full signatures with a power reserve indicator at the back to keep track. 

This was all put together to commemorate the brand's 280th birthday, so it's definitely a worthy celebratory item for someone with serious money.