Ralph Lauren Is Bringing Back The “Rare” Casino Print Shirt

To truly live the punt life, one must embody the punt life with every facet of their existence. You need to seek out the action where many may not even see action, think of the odds at every second, and don the appropriate apparel — like the re-release of this rare Ralph Lauren Casino Print shirt. 

A relic of the 90s, though still relevant to the spirit of our current lifestyles, the revival is one for the ages. Complete with the loud – borderline gauche – 90s-style colour splashes to really go all out with the whole roulette image. It’s quite camp, sure, and some may even call it obnoxious. But no one ever won big without making a few enemies. 

This item comes with matching shorts, both of which are part of Ralph Lauren’s upcoming Casino Collection. Those actually interested can expect a total lineup of three shirts, three matching pairs of shorts, a bomber jacket (because it gets chilly looking this ice-cold fresh), and even a skirt. You know… for his and her drip.

This collection is due to drop on February the 13th exclusively on The Polo App. Currently, both the shirts and the shorts are priced at an exxy US$168 each. But let’s be real. These bad boys practically pay for themselves.

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