Tom Hardy is that guy they refer to when they say, "Men want to be him, women want to be with him." And for good reason. The man is talented, erudite, and clearly takes care of himself. All very appealing qualities. 

Here's how you can get one step closer to being more like T. Hardy:

Shearling coat it up.

This isn't a really solid tip, but one I felt the need to slip in because lets face it, shearling coats don't get nearly enough attention these days. A staple to our favourite Brit thespian's wardrobe, this is a superficial piece of cosmetic advice to replicate his style.


Jackets are your best friend.

It's easy to fall into the trap of doing too much when in the pursuit of elevating one's outfit. And there's a simple lesson to be learned. Easy too. Jackets are your best friend. You'll be surprised at what a leather biker cut or military style khakis will do for your normcore look. Other accessories need not apply.

Know what the occasion calls for.

If you ever look at a press or paparazzi shot of Tom Hardy, you can see there's a clear distinction he has drawn between business and casual. This developed sense of awareness for what the occasion calls for, business or casual, is something that will take you far. It also gives your perceived sartorial confidence that extra bit of edge.

Know what the occasion calls for... and exceed it.

And of course, sometimes it pays to not only be aware of what the occasion calls for, but to knock it the fuck out of the park. You ever see ya boy Hardy lackin'? Never. He's always the centre of attention and the talk of the Vogue. Why? Because when he shows up, he shows up. Case and point, the picture enclosed.


You can never have enough suits.

See above. Never be lackin'.

Pay attention to the fit.

You'll probably have noticed by now that almost every style article we put out includes this tip. Because it's devastatingly crucial, and criminally overlooked. Pay attention to your fit. Know your limits. And don't fight to adapt to a piece of clothing. Let it adapt to you. 

Never stop grooming.

Cleanliness is next to godliness, as well maintained facial hair, a slick cut, and probably smelling good is next to Tom Hardy... ness. Sans clinical compulsiveness, you can never be too hygienic. So make the effort and scrub up.