21 Savage’s $140,000 Gaming Bed Has To Be Seen To Be Believed
— 5 April 2019

21 Savage’s $140,000 Gaming Bed Has To Be Seen To Be Believed

— 5 April 2019

While most rappers spend their cash on flashy cars and iced out chains, 21 Savage has gone an entirely different route by dropping A$140,000 on a custom made gaming bed. A video of the bed was uploaded to Instagram by media personality DJ Akadmiks and features Savage discussing his new purchase. 

Savage explains eloquently

“That’s how we comin’ all 2019. Everything exclusive, everything one of one, man, no number two… This is what a $100,000 bed looks like right here. It’s got shades and all that type of shit… One of one. The first one in America with it, man.”

While the “Bank Account” rapper doesn’t go into detail about the features that come with the bed, it’s clear to see a massive projector screen at the foot of the bed along with vertical blinds that can be opened and lowered for privacy. It’s also said to contain a built-in audio system and space for all Savage’s console games.

It’s not been confirmed who made the bed but Internet sleuths believe it’s very similar to the HiCan (“High-Fidelity Canopy”) smart bed from Italian manufacturer Hi-Interiors. If it is indeed a HiCan, other features the bed includes are ability to monitor your sleeping patterns, a smart alarm and the capability to adjust your pillows with the push of a button. 

Check out the video below for more information regarding this futuristic bed and start saving your pennies.

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