The $15.5 Million Montana Estate Featuring A 70-Car Garage & Its Own Servo

2100 North Fork Road Has A 70 Car Garage Its Own Petrol Station 1

Given how you – the dear readers – have a proven fascination surrounding + fondness for both Yellowstone and Fast & Furious, there was no way in hell we were going to ignore what landed on our desks this fine Tuesday afternoon. Because over at 2100 North Fork Road in Big Sky, Montana lies the 20-acre estate of your goddamn dreams. An estate, you may have already gathered, which features a 70-car garage, it’s own petrol station with a full-blown mechanic setup, as well as being within close proximity of an internationally celebrated ski scene.

Situated at the end of a private road near Yellowstone National Park, on a natural saddle at the foot of Yellowstone Mountain, in clear view of the Gallatin mountain range and panoramic skies, this remote pad holds 4 bedrooms, 5 bedrooms, a detached guest house with an RV hook-up, home gym, and rustic interiors which have become synonymous with these parts of Montana. Expect everything from wood panelling, antler embellished chandelier, stone fireplaces, and a gourmet kitchen to fix yourself a hot feed on those brisker days. Of course… none of what was just mentioned is why you’re actually here.

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According to a previous listing, the state-of-the-art subterranean motor facilities has been acknowledged by car collectors the world over as the best of its kind. In addition to accommodating for up to 70 cars and the presence of a 1,000-gallon petrol pump, 2100 North Fork Road plays hosts to indoor/outdoor car wash stations, Tesla charger, even a dyno stashed away in a dedicated space if the desire to test your ride’s torque ever strikes.

The previous listing has also noted it can be repurposed as a “gym, theatre, or another multipurpose” fitout. So if you value what you see, best get moving and place a bid before some lycra-wearing chud throws their cycling kit or an F45 down there.

Interestingly enough, somehow, the property has appreciated by a considerable margin in relatively no time. Back in 2015, it was valued at US$1.5 million / AU$1.9 million. Three years later in 2018, it more than doubled to a still reasonable US$3.6 million / AU$4.6 million. Earlier this year even, it could have been yours for just US$3.8 million / AU$4.9 million. Sadly, in present day, you’ll have to negotiate your way down from a hefty US$12 million / AU$15.5 million price tag.

2100 North Fork Road
2100 North Fork Road
2100 North Fork Road
2100 North Fork Road Has A 70 Car Garage Its Own Petrol Station