Shop Affordable Art At BH Approved With Zip Pay

Shop Affordable Art At BH Approved With Zip Pay

Our Store is open for business and after listening to our readers we’ve teamed up with Zip Pay to offer you more flexibility when purchasing.

Zip Pay offers BH Approved customers interest-free loans on purchases up to $1000, with the ability to settle in weekly, fortnightly or monthly instalments allowing you to get your hands on the goods asap. 

As we build on our current art offering, with new collaborations already in the works, Zip Pay will become an attractive option for higher priced and more exclusive works. Even at the bottom end, the service helps you maintain positive cash flow, especially for the those who’ve cut up the credit cards per recommendation from Scott Pape!

BH Approved currently offers artworks from oil and graphite specialist Cliff Sandler, digital artist Dom Gauci and vintage wall-hangings from Erstwhile. Hang it now, pay for it later. 

Alongside art, we’ve already curated a range of clothing and accessories from some of Australia’s best brands including luxe hair care from Patricks (one of Mr Porter’s best selling grooming products!), winter warmers from AARCH, the best bow tie in the world by Le Noeud Papillon and raw denim from new Australian brand Comoditi Jeans, with plenty more to come!

Head to to check out the offering so far, and Zip Pay to sign up.