The Glass Pavilion By Steve Hermann Is A Minimal Masterpiece
— 28 April 2020

The Glass Pavilion By Steve Hermann Is A Minimal Masterpiece

— 28 April 2020
James Want
James Want

The Glass Pavilion in Montecito California is the very epitome of minimalism. A truly remarkable home with some interesting features and an unreal garage.

The Glass Pavilion By Steve Hermann Architecture

Built in 2010 by Los Angeles based architect Steve Hermann the magnificent structure takes influences from Mies Van Der Rohe’s famous Barcelona Pavilion as well as Philip Johnson’s glass house.

Layout and plan

The home features two levels with glass walls looking out into the gardens. The top-level accommodates a modern kitchen and lounge room as well as a master suite with an incredible bathroom.

The home has a total of five bedrooms and five and a half baths. Add in features like the grand hallway and large wine cellar/room and you start to understand how good this home is.

The Glass Pavilion includes an art gallery where the original owner displayed their vintage car collection. This space is so grand that it’s said to be capable of holding up to 30 cars within its walnut-lined walls.


Hermann initially put the house on the market for $30 million. Various sources suggest the price dropped close to five times before being listed for approximately half the original amount. Nevertheless, it’s an incredible piece of architecture.

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The Glass Pavilion By Steve Hermann
Living Room
Guest Room
Bathroom Glass Pavilion
Kitchen Glass Pavilion
Glass Pavilion Exterior
Garage Glass Pavilion
Downstairs Glass Pavilion
Glass Pavilion Gardens